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No matter the time of year, day of the week or hour of the day, you're always going to be able to fi nd a new and captivating experience during your time in Radium Hot Springs. Travelling down Highway 93 South through the ravines and crevices carved out of the mountainside that are so characteristic of Sinclair Canyon at the west end of Kootenay National Park, you round a canyon corner and are greeted by the intimate yet expansive Village of Radium. Slowly entering town, you'll be enchanted by the European-esque look to the Village's motels, and pleasantly surprised by the free and abundant parking that few other resort communities are able to boast. After parking your car, the coziness and com- fortability becomes abundantly clear with plenty of goods and services within walking distance for you to enjoy, starting with the famous hot springs. Located inside Kootenay National Park, the hot springs are a favourite destination for both visitors and locals looking to relax while enjoying the moun- tainous backdrop. For those looking to stay dry, the Village of Ra- dium Hot Springs has plenty to o er in its vibrant, friendly small-town atmosphere. The majority of the shops located in its core are locally owned, o ering unique products that put a stamp on your Radium adventure. On a warm summer Friday evening in July & August, you can check out the local community market — Music & Market on Main — on Main Street outside the Visitor Centre featuring a cadre of goods produced by local artisans and vendors. From there, it's only a short walk to the newly created Rotary Community Garden that was creat- ed by the local Rotary Club in 2015. Known as "the happiest place in Radium" to those who frequent it, the garden was established as a tool of solidarity, enabling people throughout the community to use the 40 raised garden beds for planting while bring- ing the community closer together, encouraging mingling and socializing in a way that private gardens don't accommodate. The Rotary Gardens double as a public park area with fl owers, benches and a gazebo for anyone to enjoy. It's this unique atmosphere of peace and tranquility that has attracted weddings and art shows in the time it's been open. And for over a decade, the Village of Radium Hot Springs has been working on creating a new Community Hall. Come 2018, visitors will be able to enjoy a brand new location for the local library and meeting rooms open to the public. If you're someone who fi nds relaxation through more athletic activity, Radium will not disappoint with a mini golf course right in town that arguably boasts some of the best views around, and a number of biking and hiking trails nearby. There's even a Pump and Jump Bike Park located a short walk from the village centre, perfect for kids and anyone wanting to hone their mountain biking skills. Legends Field — a grassy park located in the middle of Radium — provides a kids' playground, ball diamond, outdoor fi tness equipment, a venue for outdoor movie nights in the summer, and a skating rink in winter. With the intimacy and relaxation o ered by Radium Hot Springs, the question isn't why would you come to Radium, but rather, why would you go anywhere else? RELAX INTO RADIUM ROTARY GARDENS - KRISTIN MCCAULEY MAIN STREET- KRISTIN MCCAULEY GERRY'S GELATI MINI GOLF - SUMMIT COMMUNICATIONS 6 • R a d i u m H o t S p r i n g s Vi s i t o r G u i d e 2 0 1 7

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