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At last! Time to relax and enjoy some well-earned vacation time. It's no secret, you've chosen the right destination to unplug, unwind and step into the beauty and history of Canada's national parks. Kootenay National Park is located in the heart of the UNESCO Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site and has a rich history of exploration and discov- eries. Below is the ultimate itinerary for a full or multi-day trip in Kootenay National Park. 1 Download the Explora App Kootenay and start your trip The Explora App Kootenay o ers a be- hind-the-scenes tour of the park. Listen to the best stories told by long-time Parks Canada sta . There is no cell reception in Kootenay National Park; you will need to download the app prior to your visit. Wifi is available in Ban National Park visitor centres. The App is available on iTunes and Google Play — just search for "Explora Kootenay". 2 Stop at the Continental Divide Where else can you stand in two provinces at once? This is the continental spine of western North America. Snap a photo and head to your next destination. 3 Explore fossils on a Burgess Shale guided hike to Stanley Glacier Led by a Parks Canada Heritage Interpret- er, this is a family-oriented hike that pro- vides an introduction to one of the Burgess Shale fossil sites on a relatively easy trail. This o ers a glimpse into 505 million years of history unique to the Canadian Moun- tain Parks. Reservations are required and fees apply. 4 Unplug for a few days of backcountry camping Kootenay National Park has unparalleled hiking and anyone, from beginners to experienced hikers, can explore the trails. For beginners, start with a two-day back- country camping and hiking experience that will lead you to the Helmet and Ochre Creek junction. For the more experienced, try your hiking boots on the world-class trail that goes along the Rockwall for a full four- to fi ve-day experience. All details and camping reservations can be found at any Visitor Centre. 5 Year-round wander Stop at Marble Canyon for a short walk that criss-crosses the turquoise, glacial wa- ters of Tokumm Creek. In the winter, you can fi nd ice climbers scaling the Tokumm Pole waterfall. 6 Roadside attractions If you packed a lunch for the day, make sure to stop at the newly renovated Dolly Varden Day Use Area where you will fi nd a kids' playground and an interpretive exhibit of the newly installed wildlife crossings in the park. You could also keep going and stop at the breathtaking Kootenay Valley Viewpoint to take in the views of the Mitchell and Vermilion mountain ranges and the Kootenay River far below. 7 Fire landscapes Part of Kootenay National Park's unique landscape comes from the fi res that have burned through the valley. You will fi nd fresh green trees and fi reweed to remind us of the regenerative power of fi re that is vital for forest renewal and health. 8 Sinclair Canyon and the Redwall Fault This signals the return to cell phone service and entrance into our modern world again. One of the most impressive gateways to a national park, it o ers views of Sinclair Canyon below and the Redwall Fault cli s above. There are trails on both sides of the highway if you haven't had enough yet! 9 Relax in the naturally-heated, mineral-rich hot springs Found in the sheltering walls of Sinclair Canyon, the Radium Hot Springs are a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the rest of the day. They are luxurious in summer and magical in the winter. 10 Tuck in for the night Book an oTENTik at Redstreak Camp- ground and spend the night admiring stars or talking for hours in front of the fi re. oTENTiks can be found at Redstreak Campground above the village of Radi- um Hot Springs. They o er "part-tent, part-cabin" comforts for up to six people. Reservations are recommended. Please visit for all in- formation, and visit the Kootenay National Park Visitor Centre located in Radium Hot Springs for more details. EXPLORE KOOTENAY KOOTENAY NATIONAL PARK BRIDGE CROSSING - P. ZIZKA/PARKS CANADA R a d i u m H o t S p r i n g s Vi s i t o r G u i d e 2 0 1 7 • 33

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