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SOAK IN THE EXPERIENCE One of Western Canada's most beautiful and enduring mineral hot springs is found just a few hours drive from Calgary International Airport and within a short walking distance from the Village of Radium Hot Springs. For many decades, the family-friendly pool facility, located within Kootenay National Park, has o ered plenty of space to relax and rejuvenate. Prior to the mid 19th century, when European settlers fi rst began to inhabit and develop this corner of the Canadian Rockies, First Nations people long considered the hot springs a spiritual place and used the water as a source of rejuvenation and healing. As the pool complex gradually developed through the years, people from far and wide visited to partake in some serious lounge time. Imagine Winston Churchill relaxing in the pool while pu ng on one of his trademark cigars — he spent a week at the pools in the late 1920s. By the end of the 1960s, the facility as we know it today was completed. Since then, occa- sional renovations have taken place to incrementally improve the facility's aesthetics and infrastructure. Patrons have the pleasure of soaking in the pools of one of Canada's largest hot springs complexes, surrounded by the rocky walls of Sinclair Canyon, or cooling o in the adjacent 25-metre swimming pool. Bighorn sheep and many other wild animals that call the Sinclair Canyon home can often be seen from the pool areas that feature naturally occurring mineral water (a mixture of sulphate, calcium, bicarbonate, silica, and magnesium) origi- nating thousands of metres below the Earth's surface. Although the pool complex is located immediately inside the boundary of Kootenay National Park, a park pass is not required to park at the facility. The clear and odourless mineral water has temperatures main- tained between 37 C and 40 C for the hot pool, and roughly 10 C cooler for the swimming pool. There is also a hot-tub sized "plunge pool" that has a variable temperature because it is fed either directly from the Sinclair Creek running below the pool complex or from the source of the mineral hot springs itself. RADIUM HOT SPRINGS - OLIVIA ROBINSON/PARKS CANADA R a d i u m H o t S p r i n g s Vi s i t o r G u i d e 2 0 1 7 • 11

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